n. An advantageous position, as for making one's views known or rallying support.

Welcome to the Bully Pulpit, CMUG's colorful equivalent to an editorial page. Here you'll find "sermons," rants, and musings on a variety of subjects of interest to Christian Mac users.

The Radical Act of Faith: When is the last time you said, "Our Father?" (6/2/05)

Salvation: Who's Counting Tears? Whom did God consult when the Pope died? (4/7/05)

Windows Bible Software Coming to OS X: What impact will it have on the Mac Market? (3/31/05)

Mac Zealots and PC Bigots: With Apple on the rise, expect the Mac vs. PC debate to get more heated. (2/14/05)

What's in Store for iWork? Just what did Steve mean by "building the successor to AppleWorks"? (1/29/05)

What's Really Wrong with the G5 iMac: New iMac falls short by standing too tall. (9/13/04)

Joy in the Journey: Reflecting on my twenty years with Christ. (8/11/04)

Apple Should Be Nothing Like Dell: Why Apple doesn't need to appeal to everyone. (7/28/04)

How Apple Really Should Be More Like Dell: Another perspective on what Dell can teach Apple about marketing. (7/26/04)

Why Apple Should Be More Like Dell: What Dell can teach Apple about marketing. (7/25/04)

Bible Software: Business or Ministry? Cutthroat Competition? Christian Charity? or Compassionate Capitalism? (7/22/04)

Glad Steve's a Buddhist: Examining the fate of Konfabulator (6/30/04)

A Personal Perspective on the Problem of Evil: How God brings good out of tragic loss (5/31/04)

When Speed Trumps Substance: A Dozen Problems with Internet-based Research (3/11/04)

The iPod and the End of Civility: Is There a Place for Silence? (3/1/04)

History or Gospel? Can the Biblical Accounts of Jesus' Passion Be Trusted? (3/1/04)

Who Killed the Christ? Who is ultimately responsible for the death of Jesus? (2/25/04)

The Passion Implies Exclusivity: The sufferings of Christ make it unthinkable that there could be any other way to God (2/23/04)

Steve Job's Keynote Dilemma: How can he change the buying cycle of Mac customers while still maintaining his MacWorld showmanship? (1/8/04)

Mac or PC: Which is Better for Bible Software? Is the grass really greener on the other side? (7/2/03)

Fifteen Minutes of Infamy: CMUG gets listed as the "Awful Link of the Day". (3/7/03)

The Magic of Christmas: Learning Devotion to Christ through an Apprenticeship with Santa. (12/11/02)

Komando Off Target! Windows Journalist Completely Misses the Point of the Mac (9/21/02)

WiFi, Woohoo! Experiencing the Joys of a Wireless Connection (9/21/02)

Physician, Heal Thyself: If Apple wants to stop spam, it can start by policing itself! (8/20/02)

The Silver Lining in the New iMac Line: While the rest of the Mac-loving community is weeping and gnashing its teeth over the absence of a redesigned iMac, I am actually excited by this latest iMac lineup. Here's why . . . (7/19/01)

Apple's New Retail Strategy: At last, Apple has officially owned up to its worst-kept secret: its new chain of retail stores. Apple is betting that it can grow the Mac's measly market share by opening posh retail stores in highly trafficked shopping malls . . . but will it actually work? (5/15/01)

Computer-Industry Journalists or Dime-store Novelists?: Ever wonder why the press has such a love-hate relationship with Apple? Check out this insightful analysis straight from a college English class. (12/16/00)

Pride goes before a fall: Apple's recent financial problems have been analyzed from every conceivable angle. What could we possibly say about it that's new? Maybe we shouldn't even try . . . (12/16/00)