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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Chronology of MacOS X

Here's a chronology of (some details might be slightly hazy) of how OS X progressed over the years:

Versions of OS X over the Years

Pre-1998 - Intel x86, HP PA-RISC, SPARC, Windows (OpenStep & Rhapsody Preview), m68k
1998 - x86, PowerPC (Dev Rel 1)
1998 - PowerPC (DR 2)
1999 - PowerPC (DR3, DR4)
2000 - PowerPC only (Public Beta)
2001 - PowerPC only (10.0)
2005 - PowerPC only (10.4 Tiger)
2006 - x86, PowerPC (10.5 Leopard)

Releases of WebObjects
By the way, WebObjects could compile code for Windows until around version 4.5 which was somewhere back in 2001.

WebObjects was something like this:
1998 - Intel x86, HP PA-RISC, SPARC, Windows (OpenStep & Rhapsody Preview)
1999 - Intel x86, HP PA-RISC, SPARC, Windows, PowerPC (DR3, DR4)
2000 - Intel x86, HP PA-RISC, SPARC, Windows, PowerPC

The coolest thing was back in 1999, when we were using Wallstreet Powerbooks, running DR2 and DR3 of Rhapsody (OS X), running WebObjects code on our machines and then deploying the same application on a SUN Server, Tatung SPARC server and on an iMac!

It was even cooler having our code communicate (same source code) across our PowerBooks to the Sun server and back.

My point is: going to Intel and other processor architectures - that's OLD technology where Apple is concerned.

You can still buy a license for a SPARC and NT server for WebObjects going back as recent as 2001. I remember we were negotiating the license at about US$60,000 per CPU per server. ouch!

Jesse Sng


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