Mac Bible Software Update

Accordance Adds OpenGL Maps, Unicode Export; MacSword Update Coming Soon

by David Lang (Posted: 5/28/04)


Accordance 6.2 Released, Web-site Redesigned

A free update to Accordance Bible Software is now available, offering a number of new features and enhancements, including:

Atlas Enhancements
• Atlas 3D maps in OS X now use Open GL for smoother, faster performance and better graphics, along with new navigation controls.

• Shift-control click in the Map, Timeline, and Picture windows changes the cursor to a magnifying glass and immediately zooms into the area clicked upon.

New Export Options
• Unicode export of all Accordance fonts is now supported for copy and paste and drag and drop.
• Hebrew export now allows selective stripping of vowel points and/or cantillation marks.

Parallel Bible Texts
• Extra text panes will now be added to the bottom row of a Search window, if there is not enough space in the top row, effectively doubling the number of translations which can be viewed in the same window.

• Pressing the control key while scrolling a pane in the Search window unties the scrolling of other parallel panes.

For the complete list of new features in Accordance 6.2, visit the Accordance web-site, which has now been completely redesigned. In addition to a brand new look, the new web-site is more clearly organized, easier to navigate, and features a Flash demo of Accordance 6.

MacSword 1.1 Beta

An update to MacSword, the open-source Bible program for OS X based on the Sword Project, is currently being beta-tested. MacSword 1.1 promises to offer the following improvements:

• Support for general books
• Find ranges now supported — for faster and more accurate searching
• Bookmark highlighting — highlight your favourite verses in all your bibles
• Regular expression search results are now highlighted
• Left to right text supported properly
• Devotionals now remember window opened in
• MacSword remembers expanded items in modules list

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