Mac Bible Software Update

MacSword 1.0 Released; New Demo of Accordance 6

by David Lang (Posted: 3/5/04)


MacSword 1.0 Released

MacSword, the open-source Bible program for OS X based on the Sword Project, has been updated from 0.3 to 1.0. Listed improvements include:

• Many bug fixes for speed and stability
• Completely rewritten to use WebKit including a much nicer look
• New advanced toolbar item for reference lists (eg. "j3.16-17;john10.10")
• Dictionary contents and contents caching
• Saves window positions on quitting
• Improved printing support
• Module pop-up allowing quick access to other translations
• Module information
• New Updated KJV with full strong's numbers

Accordance Demo Now Available

A full working demo of Accordance Bible Software 6.1 is available for download from the OakTree Software web-site. It includes a PDF tutorial that will walk you through most of the program's features.

Tip: Once you've downloaded the demo, be sure to follow the instructions in the Read Me to install the Greek and Hebrew fonts.

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