Accordance Bible Software Mines Quartz

Free update adds anti-aliased text and graphics

by David Lang (Posted: 6/20/05)

Accordance Updated to Version 6.6

OakTree Software, Inc. has just released a new update to Accordance Bible Software which uses OS X's Quartz rendering technology to display smooth (anti-aliased) text and graphics.

As you'll see from the screenshot below, the window controls and labels have used anti-aliased text for some time now, but the pane displaying the actual text of the Bible did not. That has now been remedied, making the text much more readable and completing Accordance's transition from an OS 9 to an OS X appearance.

Even more dramatic is the improvement in the appearance of the Map window:

As you can see from the two maps above, angled text and lines looked particularly pixellated, and Accordance had to simulate transparency in the colored region layers using various patterns of colored dots. With Quartz, angled text gets rendered beautifully, and the colored regions now exhibit true transparency.

There's also an additional enhancement to the Map window in version 6.6. For those unfamiliar with the atlas features of Accordance, routes such as that shown in the map above (Paul's Second Missionary Journey) are animated, snaking across the map over time to give you a sense for how the journey unfolded. This animation can be paused at any point simply by unchecking the Animate checkbox, and when you check the box again the animation will continue. While the animation is cool, there may be times when you just want to see the completed route without having to wait for a long route to finish. With 6.6, you can now option-click the Animate checkbox to stop the animation and show the completed route.

In addition to adding Quartz rendering of text and graphics, Accordance 6.6 includes quite a few minor enhancements. It is a free download for users of Accordance 6.x, and can be found at