I'd Rather Juggle Chainsaws than Use Windows!

Why an Extreme Juggling Act Switched to Mac

by Jonathan Root (Posted: 2/10/04)


Why Apple?

Why Apple? That is the question I am asked most often. Truth be told, it’s not Apple but Macintosh that has changed my life. I am not fond of apples because so many people ask, “Can you juggle while eating an apple?” You see, I am half of a comedy-juggling duo called 2 Clean Freaks. We perform a unique variety of comedy juggling and extreme stunts (such as sword swallowing and fire- and chainsaw-juggling), and we make our living as entertainers.

Why do we use Macs? About three years ago, my teammate, Bill, and I set out to buy a computer specifically for video editing so that we could make demo videos to promote our ministry/business. We chose a Sony digital editing studio that came with Windows ME. It had an incredibly unstable OS that crashed frequently, but having spent years working on a PC, I accepted that PCs do that. I then had to buy a video-editing program, as the program that came with my computer was more of a toy than a tool for getting real work done.

What happened next was a nightmare. After months of working on the video, I tried to export the video to DV. I toiled endlessly, trying to trouble-shoot the video program, but I could never get the video to export correctly. I upgraded my RAM and spent countless hours on the phone with tech support—all to no avail. It turned out that my Firewire was defective. To add insult to injury, I discovered this one-month after my computer was no longer under warranty, so Sony’s technical support operator would not even talk to me without charging me a fee.

Then God brought a friend named Mark into my life. Mark teaches Linux at the University of San Diego and is a Mac user. He told me about a program called Final Cut Pro 3. I checked it out and was quite intrigued, but as I am quite stubborn, it took another year before my teammate and I finally made the switch to Mac. My teammate used a new PC for his daily computer needs, so when we bought the Mac, our intent was to use it for video editing only. Bill had been an avid PC user for 15 years, but sold his PC a week after buying his Mac, stating, “I hope I never have to use a PC again.”

Bill and I have since become quite proficient in everything pertaining to running an entertainment ministry/business: we do photo editing, web design, music, and video editing, all on our Macs. Our promotional videos have improved rapidly, and our ministry/business is now thriving because of it. Since I switched a year ago, I am more efficient, educated, and aware of what is possible with a computer. Additionally, we have helped a handful of friends to realize their potential by switching from a PC to a Mac. I truly believe that I have come out of the darkness and into the light!

Finally, everything that you can do on a PC, you can do more efficiently on a Mac, as there is an abundant amount of business and personal software available. If I have still not convinced you, I highly recommend a book called The Naked Truth by Scott Kelby. It gives the best justification I have ever read for why one should choose a Mac over a PC. I keep passing the book on to friends so they can learn the truth that I have embraced.

Clean Freaks can be found at www.2cleanfreaks.com; feel free to check out our most recent videos made with Final Cut Pro.

Jonathan Root received his Masters of Theology from the School of Biblical Theology and now makes use of his Theology degree by thanking God for every penny he makes as a juggler.