Emulation Inequality

Running Bible Software in Emulation

by Rubén Gómez (Posted: 3/4/04)


[Ed: This brief article originally appeared in the weblog of Bible Software Review. It is reprinted here by permission.]

One of the questions people keep asking me is how good is the emulation software currently available, and how do different Bible software packages perform when you run them under emulation. The answer is quite simple: If you want to run Mac-based Bible software on a PC, get the free program Basilisk II. You can install up to Mac OS 8.1, although System 7.5 will do fine. It is fast and reasonably reliable. On the other hand, if you wish to run Windows-based Bible software on a Mac, you're... er... out of luck... Virtual PC isn't free, and it is painfully slow, no matter how much processing power and RAM you have (obviously, the more the better). Wintel users can run Mac-only applications on their PCs (yes, even on their production machines), whereas Mac users have a very difficult time running Windows-only applications on their Macintoshes.

Personally, I have BibleWorks — a truly fast PC program — running on my Mac, and it is barely usable. I also have Accordance (a Mac-only program) running on my PC, and it just flies. Yeah, I know, it ain't fair, but that's the way it is. Short of using the "real thing", Mac emulation on Windows boxes IS an alternative (albeit limited to 68K-compatible applications — No PPC and no OS X!). Sadly, the same cannot be said the other way round. Only if you are desperate and really, really patient would I advise you to get a Windows emulation program for your Mac. And if you decide to do that, be sure to max out your RAM and install one of the less demanding incarnations of the Windows OS (e.g.: Windows 98).

Rubén Gómez is a minister, translator, and webmaster of Bible Software Review. Rubén lives in Minorca, Spain with his wife and three children.

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