What Happened to CMUG.org?!

The Christian Mac Users Group can now be found at MacMinistry.org

by David Lang (Posted: 4/29/05)


Quick Change

Automation is a wonderful thing . . . when it works! When it came time for us to renew the cmug.org domain through the domain registry we've been using for years, we paid our money and were told the renewal was being "processed." Unfortunately, it's been processing for weeks, and in the meantime, the cmug.org domain has apparently expired and gone offline. We've put in help requests to the registry, but have yet to get a response from an actual human. We're praying that the situation will quickly be resolved and that cmug.org will soon be back on line, but in the meantime, we felt the need to register a new domain where CMUG could continue to be found. The name of our new domain is macministry.org.

Other than the domain name, nothing else has changed. The CMUG web-site is still fully operational, as is the Mac Ministry e-mail list. It's just that for the time being, web addresses, links, bookmarks, and e-mails sent to the list need to be changed from cmug.org to macministry.org. We appreciate your flexibility in this, and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced as a result of this snafu. When we get it all straightened out, we'll retain both the cmug.org and macministry.org domains, so we promise you won't have to change your bookmarks back to cmug.org in a few weeks.

David Lang is CMUG's Content Editor. David works as a developer of Accordance Bible Software, and lives in Maitland, Florida with his wife and four children.

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